Wild boar gallery ScreenSaver © StrikePill.com

Wild boar gallery ScreenSaver © StrikePill.com 1.4

A very basic screensaver, featuring an animated shoot gallery
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StrikePill.com SoftWare Development Studio

Shooting gallerie is one of the main attractions in festivals and amusement parks. This free screensaver shows an animated shoot gallery featuring a shoot silhouette of a wild boar running from right to left again and again. And that's all this screensaver does. Although the graphics are well conceived, their quality is poor and the program gets boring after a while. It does not have any sound or music effect either, nor a control panel to customize any of its functions.
A very annoying feature of this screensaver is the fact that every time you exit the program, it opens the developer's website on your browser. Since, as I've said, the application does not have any control panel, you can't prevent it to do so.
The installation file is rather small; nevertheless, it has to download additional files to complete the installation. Also, when running, it asks you to install Babylon's toolbar. You can decline to do so and still have the program installed in your system. It is a very basic and low-quality screensaver, so you may want to try another applicaton.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Poor graphics
  • Repetitive
  • No music or sound effects
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